<small>Our Favorites <br>& How to Watch Them:</small><br><b>Sarah Polley</b>

Our Favorites
& How to Watch Them:

Sarah Polley

Art by Kirsten Do (@teandonuts)
Letter by Maggie Lawson (@maggielawson)


Away From Her (2006): A moving look at what happens to a couple married for 40 years when one of them develops Alzheimer's. Which is to say it's kind of a bummer. And Polley casting America's sweetheart Julie Christie opposite, um, Canada's sweetheart Gordon Pinsent just twists the knife even further.



Take This Waltz (2011): Here at iheartfemaledirectors.com, the only thing we’re sure of is that we love movies about ambivalence. Even more so when they star Michelle Williams, screen princess of nuance. But don’t be mistaken – you’re not in for a moody subtlety party with this one, which also stars Seth Rogan as Michelle’s husband and Sarah Silverman as her troubled sister, Geraldine. And do you want to hear the best thing today? It’s streaming on Netflix now.



Stories We Tell (2012): A documentary about storytelling and family. That sounds vague, but you shouldn't learn more than that before you watch. Go in cold. Honestly, just trust our recommendations at this point.