Q: Do you hate men?

A: Yes, moving on.

Q: Do you really hate men?

A: No, we are personally very fond of many men and the movies they’ve directed. But there are already nerds all over the internet gushing about male directors, so we’re just going to set up in this corner over here and talk about women.

Q: I’m a woman but I don’t like [name of female director]. Is that okay?

A:  Yeah, totally. But if you don’t like any female directors, then you haven’t watched enough female directors. We’re here to help.

Q: I’m having trouble reading the handwriting on the letters. Is there an easier way?

A: When you’re on the LETTERS page, click the “Trouble Reading?” in the lower right hand corner. It will bring up a text version of the letter. Protip: On a mobile phone, tap the icon with four small boxes in the lower right hand corner and it does the same thing.

Q: Who counts as a female director?

A: Anyone who identifies as a woman or non-binary and has directed something.

Q: Are the two of you going to write every letter?

A: We really hope not. We’re in the process of begging our smart, funny writer friends to do some too. Stay tuned.

Q: Are any guys going to write letters?

A: We hope so!

Q: Why isn’t my favorite female director up already?

A: Because we either haven’t gotten to her yet or we don’t know her or we don’t personally find her love letter-worthy and we’re waiting to find a writer we know who does find her love letter-worthy.

Q: I love the artwork on your site. How do I learn more about the artists?

A: Check out our “About” page

Q: I noticed you don’t have a comments section. Don’t you want any feedback on your website?

A: Not really, no. We don’t want to spend our lives moderating comments. Just pretend this is like an old timey newspaper and if you want to rave or complain about it to someone just turn to the person next to you and really go for it.  Maybe you’ll make a new friend or enemy!

Q: How can I email you to tell you I love the site or because I want to do press about the site?

Q: Can I suggest a director to be featured? 

A: Become part of our instagram (@iheartfemaledirectors) or twitter (@iheartdirectors) communities to gush about your favorite female directors. But please be aware we do not consider self-submissions or submissions by publicists for the website!

Q: How can we contact you to tell you how wrong you are about something or how shitty your grammar and punctuation are?

Q: Well I’m going to email you anyway. Because I’m mad that--

A: Whoops we already deleted it and donated $100 to a charity you hate.

Q: Jeez. Are you at least on social media?

A: Yeah. We’re @iheartfemaledirectors on Instagram and @iheartdirectors onTwitter.

Q: I have written a love letter to a female director. Can I submit it?

A: We’re not taking submissions now but we may in the future. We’ll let you know.

Q: Are you going to do Leni Riefenstahl?

A: Probably not. Seems tricky.