<small>Our Favorites <br>& How to Watch Them:</small><br><b>Penny Marshall</b>

Our Favorites
& How to Watch Them:

Penny Marshall

Art by Jon Krause (JonKrause.com)
Letter by Jessie Polini (@jpizzlepizzle)


Big (1998): After being too short to ride a carnival ride with his crush, Josh Baskin (David Moscow) makes a wish to be “Big” and turns into a 30 year old man overnight (Tom Hanks). He fakes an abduction to avoid scrutiny from his mom and flees to New York City, where, with the assistance of his best friend (Jared Rushton – look closely to spot how he wears a pin with a picture of his own face on his jacket), lands a sweet apartment, a job as an executive in a toy company, all the toys and ice cream he wants, and a hot girlfriend (Elizabeth Perkins). Watch for Jon Lovitz making a cameo as an office sexual harasser!



A League of Their Own (1992): During World War II, a group of women are drafted to play professional baseball to keep the men’s league afloat while the men are overseas. The story centers on two sisters from Oregon, Dottie and her kid sister Kit (Geena Davis and Lori Petty), a recovering alcoholic and sexist coach (Tom Hanks), and a lovable cast of teammates. Watch for Jon Lovitz making a cameo as a baseball scout!