<small>Our Favorites <br>& How to Watch Them:</small><br><b>Lisa Cholodenko</b>

Our Favorites
& How to Watch Them:

Lisa Cholodenko

Letter by Amy York Rubin (@ayrubin)
Art by Charley Aldridge (@charleyaldridge)


High Art (1998): Syd (Radha Mitchell) is on the hunt to find the leaky bathtub that’s been dripping into her unit but instead finds Lucy (Ally Sheedy) and Greta (Patricia Clarkson) making out while high on cocaine. Oh, and there are some cool pictures in it too.  That’s all you need to know… now go watch before we ruin the rest!



The Kids Are All Right (2010): This one’s got more whoopie making fun but this time between moms Jules (Julianne Moore) and Nic (Annette Bening) and all while they watch some legit gay male porn. Enter their son Laser (Josh Hutcherson) to spoil the mood with an admission of guilt, just not the one they were expecting.