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Our Favorites
& How to Watch Them:

Lesli Linka Glatter

Art by Tina Fino (@tina_fino)
Letter by Richard Gold (@postmdernsleaze)


Twin Peaks Season 1, Episode 6 (1990): For one of Lesli's 1st gigs, she was given an intimidating task - replicate the inimitable style and tone of David Lynch. That she did so the best of any of the series' directors speaks volumes, in a vintage season 1 classic that finds Agent Cooper and the Twin Peaks sheriff's dept. venturing into the woods, where they discover an eerie crime scene and have tea with the enigmatic Log Lady.



Mad Men Season 3, Episode 6 “Guy Walks Into an Advertising Agency” (2009): One of the all-time great episodes of one of TV's all-time great dramas, which you might remember as the one with the John Deere riding mower in the Sterling Cooper offices. Yep, that was Lesli, and it won her a DGA award in the process, as well as an Emmy nod for her awesomely shocking and macabre work.



Homeland Season 2, Episode 5, “Q&A” (2012):  Lesli was nominated for Emmy and DGA accolades for an episode now widely considered to be one of the hit Showtime spy thriller's best and most iconic episodes. An almost unbearably tense two-hander set almost entirely during a one-on-one interrogation between Carrie and Brody, it almost plays more like great theater than television, and earned Lesli her role as the show's directing producer.