<small>Our Favorites <br>& How to Watch Them:</small><br><b>Ida Lupino</b>

Our Favorites
& How to Watch Them:

Ida Lupino

Art by Justin Graham (@theClownMonkey)
Letter by Dorothy Fortenberry (@Dorothy410berry)


*Since I decided to write you this letter, I have learned from Wikipedia that your first movie Not Wanted is
A)  about an unplanned pregnancy, which was a pretty racy subject to tackle in 1949 (!)
B)  you directed it because the original director suffered a heart attack (!) and you stepped in all chill and just picked up directing
C)  because of its social themes, Eleanor Roosevelt (!) invited you to talk on her radio show about how women and children need less judgment and more love. Thanks for that, too.


The Trouble with Angels (1966): Follow Mary (Hayley Mills) and Rachel (June Harding) thru their sophomore, junior and senior years at St. Francis Academy as they prank and torment Mother Superior (Rosalind Russell)... but don't be surprised when someone has an interesting change of heart.   



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